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LifeCycle Nutrition & The Barre Code

The Nutrition Code

Program Overview

How The Nutrition Code works:
- Starting 4/25, the program will run for 4 weeks.

- A new and key component of a balanced diet will be introduced each Sunday. You will work on this AND continue working on the previous goals provided.
- Make sure to check the Facebook group throughout the week for additional information, tips, discussion questions, and activities.
-PARTICIPATE! The goal is to benefit from great, realistic, and useful information to help you develop healthy eating habits. The more you participate and support others, the better the program is. 
There will be a participation prize EACH week!


This is a private group.  We ask that this information is kept within the group.  If you believe that someone else could benefit from the program, please let Julie or Maria-Paula know. 


Once you have had your body composition done you are signed-up!  Make sure you start with the following:
1. Attend your regular Barre Code WORKOUTS weekly - remember to challenge yourself!  A minimum of 3 weekly is part of the program.  
2. Calculate your DAILY WATER INTAKE (1/2 of your body weight in ounces - try to drink this everyday!) - as a minimum.
3. Download an app to help you keep track of your daily calorie and nutrient intake. We recommend LoseIt! or MyFitnessPal.
5. Check back each Sunday by 3pm for each week's challenge.

Week One Focus

This first week your challenge is to get sufficient protein!  


I am talking enough protein to allow for muscle protein synthesis. You want those workouts to be productive, right? Eat your protein at EVERY meal!


Find your calories/meal and next to it, you will find your protein needs for that meal (YES, per meal!!!)

300-350 kcal – 20 g protein

400-425 kcal – 25 g protein

450 kcal ------  25-30 g protein

475-500 kcal – 30 g protein

525 kcal ------- 30-35 g protein

550- 575 kcal – 35 g protein

600-625 kcal –- 35-40 g protein

650 kcal –------ 40 g protein

675-700 kcal –  40-45 g protein


This may seem like a lot protein at one time. It is not, it's about 25% of your caloric needs. For many, this is much higher than what they are eating, especially at breakfast. Trust me! You need it!


I will have more information for you this week but this is your can do it!  

Code Resources

Facebook Closed Group:

  • Get more out of the program by sharing your comments, questions, recipes, meal ideas, tips and questions within The Nutrition Code Facebook group. 

  • Remember, this is a CLOSED group.  Do not share the information with others.  If you know someone who would like to participate or would benefit, let us know!


Weekly Program Information:


Final Body Analysis:



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Week Two Focus

Week 2 of The Nutrition Code is here!  Your goal is to eat 5 servings of vegetables daily.  


You can make this easy by ensuring you are including 1-2 serving with your meals and even 1 with snacks! Don't forget to continue what we are already practicing - protein, calories, hydration, exercise! 


What counts as a serving? 

- 1 cup of raw leafy vegetables 

- 1/2 cup cup of cooked or chopped raw vegetables. 


Try new ones & add color and variety to your meals!

Week Three Focus

Who is ready for week 3?


This week your challenge consists of limiting ADDED sugars. We are talking sugar that DOES NOT occur naturally!


Fruit and dairy (yogurt, milk, and cheese without added sugars) are OKAY!


Your goal will be to limit foods that contain more than 8 grams of sugar per serving. 


More information to come this week.

Week Four Focus

Last week of the challenge is here!  This week your goal is to work on getting enough FIBER.  As women, we should aim at 25 grams/day.


You can look at your tracking and see what you have been averaging, but don't go straight towards that goal - trust me! :)


Increase your current intake by 2-5 grams/day every 5-7 days until you reach your goal.  

It's not a short term diet, It's a long term lifestyle change.

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